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"Change is rearranging furniture. Transformation is burning the house to the ground and building something better. "
~ Erika Napoletano

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by Karen M. Winkelman Sunday, December 27, 2015

Person jumping onto mountain top - You Made ItPlace your arms around you and give yourself a big hug.

You did it.

You made it through this year of ups and downs and inside-outs.

You deserve a huge hug.



Now imagine that you are receiving a great big hug from me too.


This was an intense year for just about everyone. At least everyone that I connected with this year had some weird shit and intense situations pop up and try to suck them into the vortex of UCK.

2015’s 8 vibration (according to numerology) shook many to their core. The 8 vibration showed you where you were giving your power away, and challenging you on a financial level, and triggering areas where you still feel unappreciated or unrecognized. True Mastery of the Material comes through your connection with Spirit

This energy of the 8 was here to help you manifest an abundant life by uniting Heaven and Earth (the Divine and Material worlds working together).

The energy was urging you to take back your power, appreciate yourself and all you have,

and to become a good steward for your money and resources.

And yeah, it was a pain in the butt sometimes. (OK maybe many times!)


When I was really confused or flip-flopping on something, my grandmother would say to me:

“Kid, you don’t know your arse from your elbow.”

And there were days (or weeks) this year that I felt exactly like this.

How about you?

I’m here to tell you it is ok.

The yuck and the mess and the emotions bursting out (or trying to burst out) are all part of the Divine Plan to help you let go of the shit that keeps you tied down and feeling crappy…

all the lies and half-truths and beliefs about you and the world that a younger version of you took into your precious soul and then tried to prove them to be true.

Yeah. But they’re not truth.

Here’s what’s true, they’re big fat lies and scary made up stories.

And it is time to stop believing in them.

You are beautiful exactly as you are, in all your glorious, wild and wacky imperfections.

This month the 3 vibration is inviting you to play, create, express yourself honestly, and follow your joy (here’s December’s video if you haven't seen it or want a refresher).

Not sure what joy looks like or feels like,

then reach for whatever feels lighter and makes you smile

inside and out.

Because the thing that makes you feel lighter and (dare I say) happier is pointing to your truth, and your true essence.

Throw open your doors and windows, knock down your walls (or at least punch a few holes in them) and let your light shine.

And please stop trying to figure it out.

This isn’t a mental exercise or intellectual problem to solve… the mind is the servant.

You get to tell your mind what you want to do and be.

Your Soul trumps your mind.

Joy, happy, light, playful, fun…

are tools that connect you to your soul, your higher, wiser self.

So lighten up already!

Stop taking it all so seriously.


In addition to whatever holiday you may celebrate this month, I invite you to add a new tradition…

Celebrating You.

Candles in a heartLight a candle for you.

Tell yourself that you appreciate all you’ve done so far on life’s wild ride.

Toast your grand unfolding.

Do something special for you.

And make it a regular habit to celebrate the One-Of-A-Kind Amazing Being that is You.

I bow to you in honor and gratitude, fellow soul traveler.

I know it is freaking hard at times.

And I also know that you are way more potent and powerful than you give yourself credit for.

May you see the you that I see… and smile and giggle and know the truth of you. The Divine in You.

With much love and blessings and gratitude,






Candles in heart by George Hoden


Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Sunday, December 27, 2015 10:36 PM
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